Head of Department

Mayevska Iryna Pentrivna – Head of Academic Services Department

Didactic-Methodological Sector

  •  development of methodological materials and recommendations for curricula, educational programs, work programs in accordance with the law requirements and taking into account the the labor market needs;
  • Governing documents development on teaching and learning based on standards of higher education, instructional guidelines on formation of educational programs variable part;
  • Instructional guidelines governing on Examination board  organization, organization of Examination board work at the University and appropriate control;
  • Governing instructional guidelines on educational process schedule creation for the academic year (exams included), organization of work schedule formation;
  • Analysis and conclusions on teaching and learning work conducted by departments, laboratories and faculties  by checking the curricula, work programs and educational programs implementation;
  • Governing instructional guidelines on procedure for issuing documents on education, control over the issuance of diplomas and diploma supplements; others.


  • Sak Nelya Rostyslavivna – Deputy Academic Services Department Manager, Head of sector;
  • Zhezherun S. YU. – 1st category methodology expert ;
  • Antoshchak О. Т. – 1st category methodology expert


Sector of the educational process organizational support

  • Academic load formation and its verification;
  • Maintaining a academic and teaching staff register;
  • Maintaining In-class learning register;
  • organization of scheduling classes, monitoring its implementation;
  • student internships organization (scheduling, control over decrees about conducting these internships);
  • organization of academic staff advanced trainings and organization of internships;
  • students training and graduation documents control, decrees;
  •  keeping statistics of the student body, the number of academic groups;
  • Student body actions analysis and  keeping record  (rate coordination with  Department which works with Unified state electronic database on education and  Automated Control System “Sigma”);
  • Organization of students’ retained knowledge diagnostic procedure as rectorial tests (in cooperation with  Organizational and Methodological  E-learning Center);
  •  Students’ Academic performance analysis ( together with Educational process quality management department);
  • contracts execution for the educational services delivery;
  • others


  • Nestorovych Nadia Vaylivna –Deputy Manager, Head of sector;
  • Zikalo V. М. – head of field attachment;
  • Mandiuk М. P. – 1st category methodology expert;
  • Naum G.М. – 1st category methodology expert;
  • Trush О. Т. – 1st category methodology expert;
  • Hdychynska О. Ya. – 1st category methodology expert;

Site of academic services department