• educational programs review for training specialists in disciplines for compliance with the License Terms;
  • monitoring of legal, educational-methodical, personnel, logistical, informational support of educational activities in accordance with the License Conditions and state requirements for accreditation;
  • licensing and accreditation processes control;
  • Participation in internal  Educational Quality Assurance system policy and regulatory basis settings;
  • methodological support for the preparation of self-analysis reports on the educational programs quality and other procedures related to external quality assessment, accreditation.Quality Assurance of Education Center coordinates through cooperation quality assurance of education organization activities of such structural units, which  are partially subordinated to the Center.


  • Payenok Anna Oleksandrivna – Candidate of legal sciences., Head of Licensing and accreditation deoartment
  • Andreyeva М. А. – 1st category attorney;
  • Makar М. М. – head specialist.

Regulations on Ivan Franko Lviv National University Licensing and Accreditation Department