• Monitoring of the internal quality assurance systems components of higher education;
  • control over the annual assessment of applicants for higher education, institution of higher education academic and teaching staff and control over the publication of the assessments’ results on the institution of higher education official website, on information stands and in any other way;
  • control over ensuring the availability of the necessary resources for the educational process organization, including independent students’ work  for each educational program;
  • monitoring the availability of information systems for effective management of the educational process;
  • analysis of ensuring information publicity about educational programs, degrees of higher education and qualification by departments (faculties, colleges, institutes);
  •  monitoring the observance of academic honesty by employees of higher education institutions and applicants for higher education, including the establishment and operation of an effective system for the prevention and detection of academic plagiarism;
  • providing relevant reports on the conducted monitoring and proposals for process improvement;
  • support for conducting surveys (analysis of their results) of higher education applicants, graduate students, teachers and university graduates on the quality of the educational process organization;
  • systematic SWOT-analysis of the internal quality assurance system of education.


Reznchenko О. О. – methodologist of Learning Process Quality Management Department